The Added Value of Antioxidants in Your Joint Supplement

Antioxidants offer many different health benefits. In fact, their role in neutralizing and removing harmful free radicals in the body is very important to overall health. Free radicals are unstable ions that bounce around, trying to find other molecules that they can either donate to or accept electrons from in an effort to stabilize themselves. Unfortunately, this can cause damage to a variety of different molecules and tissue, including cartilage and muscles.

During exercise, horses inhale more oxygen than usual to meet the oxygen demand of their muscles. As that oxygen is utilized, free radicals are produced. One of the body’s defenses against these free radicals are antioxidants. When scientists have analyzed the blood and joint fluid from patients with arthritis, they have found increased levels of free radicals and lower levels of antioxidants. 

With that knowledge, adding antioxidants into the diet can help support good joint health. The diet naturally contains some antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. However, not all antioxidants are created equally. Some antioxidants are better at scavenging free radicals than others. 

In Hyaluronex® Joint, two ingredients with antioxidant activity are included to help with overall exercise recovery and maintain sustainable soundness. The first is hydroxytyrosol, which is found naturally in olives. Hydroxytyrosol is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is complimented by astaxanthin, the second antioxidant in Hyaluronex Joint. Astaxanthin is found naturally in algae and has a bright red pigment. It is often called “nature’s strongest antioxidant” because it can handle many different free radical types simultaneously.

These natural ingredients in Hyaluronex Joint, together with MHB3® Hyaluronan, provide maximum support for joints, soft tissue and muscles. Hyaluronex Joint is the whole package for sustainable soundness!

Your horses work hard for you – help them feel their best with a joint supplement with proven ingredients for real results. Choosing Hyaluronex Joint means creating a healthier, happier and more comfortable horse. Further education, product information, and where to buy can be found at

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