Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • I was asked to try the Baxyl Plus CBD solution at the beginning of August. I have a lot of discomfort in my hands and knees. After the first week ...Read More


    Ian Millar, Millar Brooke Farm, 10-time Olympic Show-Jumper
  • “Vitalize® Alimend® is the real deal. We started with it because one of my daughter’s horses had a chronic stomach issue and we got a dramatic result. It is the complete ...Read More


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • "I'm blown away by this product. Phazit healed my sunburn in just a few days and the best part, my skin never pealed!! I've seen amazing results with Phazit and ...Read More


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • “The past few months I’ve been dealing with terrible acne. I’ve tried numerous products to help and nothing worked. As soon as I started using Phazit, I saw a noticeable ...Read More


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • "Wow, pleasantly I surprised at how well your product works! I started using HyaGlo and noticed my skin looked and felt better! I will definitely continue to use and recommended!"


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • “Amazing, Face-lift in a bottle!”


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • “Mid-life must-have! I’m in my 40’s and I’ve been using this for years!”


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • “Great product! I have used Baxyl for over 10 years! It was recommended to me by an orthopedic surgeon, I highly recommend it.”


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • “I can run again! This product has made such a difference and I can exercise without discomfort, BIG WINNER! Highly recommend!”


    Ex: Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches, Idaho
  • "I have been using Baxyl for a few years now and I am very happy with the results. The product was developed on sound science and has been rigorously tested ...Read More


  • I absolutely love this product! It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.”


  • “I’ve been using HyaGlo for a little over a month now and my skin has never felt this good! 😍 I feel so confident without foundation on and just love what it ...Read More


    Kendall Norris
  •  "I started using Baxyl at the beginning of my second bodybuilding show season. My first season I was struggling with joint discomfort mainly in my shoulder and knee. I couldn’t ...Read More


  • “My homeopathic vet recommended I start giving this to my 2.5yrs old pit bull rescue. My pup had one litter before she was rescued, and most likely comes from suspect ...Read More


  • “Trixsyn is by far the absolute BEST product out there!! It helps my dog so so much— she’s like a different dog!! I’ve seen my pit bull dog Princess Leia ...Read More


  • “Wonderful. We saw an instant relief in our 12 yr old GSD. We have been blessed with her great spirit and joint discomfort for a while but she is aging ...Read More


  • “My dog is 1 year old and began acting like she had no energy and sleeping a lot. Our vet diagnosed her with knee caps that slipped out of the ...Read More


  • “We first used Trixsyn 10+ years ago when our Airedale Odie had leg discomfort. The discomfort was gone completely within a few days. Been using Trixsyn as a daily supplement ...Read More


  • “If you ever show or compete with your dog, this gives a bit more lubrication to the joints. It makes recovery faster from strenuous activity and I find it works ...Read More


    Tara Hill
  • “Keeps my horses feeling great! I call it the fire water!”


    Jonathon Millar
  • “Maintaining joint health is critical for keeping horses performing at their best and healthy. Hyaluronex® is the product I use for this purpose and I have had outstanding results with ...Read More


    Vicki O'Neil
  • “I’ve been using Hyaluronex® on my Dressage horses for several years. The first horse was a 4th level/PSG horse. What a difference within a couple of weeks! He felt looser, ...Read More


    Linda Heaney Cavanagh
  • “My 10 year old Morgan mare was lame and went to the vet for evaluation, including nuclear testing. We found inflammation in her front legs and some arthritis in her ...Read More


    Derek Braun
  • “Hyaluronex® is the best joint supplement on the market. My Grand Prix horses have been using it for over five years. I seriously think the use of this product has ...Read More


    Hillary Irwin
  • “I love that this product uses natural ingredients and highly absorbable hyaluronic acid to help all horses feel their best, especially those with a competition workload!”


    Beezie and John Madden
  • “Two focuses of our  Madden Method are longevity and preventing injuries before they happen whenever possible. We aim to have horses with long, healthy and happy careers followed by long, ...Read More


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