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Phāzit® is a multipurpose skin serum designed to address occasional skin irritations. Skin irritations occur as a result of environmental changes and/or immunogenic opportunism. Once the integrity of the skin’s epidermal layer is compromised, the general health of the individual is adversely affected since the body’s primary immune barrier has been breached.


Phāzit contains schizophyllan, a beta-glucan derived from a mushroom, and topical hyaluronan formulated specifically for topical administration Schizophyllan and Glysyn® Hyaluronan. Administration of schizophyllan has established soothing, beneficial effects to alleviate occasional skin irritation. Hyaluronan has proven restorative effects for skin.


By coupling the action of Schizophyllan with the absorptive hydrating effects of Glysyn Hyaluronan, Phāzit is a unique natural option for common skin irritations.


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Schizophyllan is beta glucan derived from the cell wall of the Schizophyllum commune mushroom. Beta-glucans can be derived from multiple sources including grains and mushrooms. They are widely recognized for their immune benefits. Beta-glucans derived from water soluble mushrooms are considered the most effective and are proven in their ability to enhance the immune response.


Schizophyllan is a proven biological defense modifier that nutritionally potentiates the immune response. This immune activation occurs by schizophyllan’s ability to directly target immune cells in the host. Molecularly speaking, schizophyllan is classified as a 1,3-1,6 beta-glucan. Beta-glucans in this configuration have been shown to elicit a more effective physiological response.


In reference to topical application, studies show that schizophyllan has a positive impact on skin hydration, improving the overall appearance and condition of the skin. Schizophyllan also increases collagen production in the skin.


An independent, dermatologist-conducted study shows an improvement in skin clarity in 63% of patients after daily application for 30 days.


As a beta glucan, schizophyllan is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US FDA.



Hyaluronan is the accepted scientific nomenclature for hyaluronic acid (HA) and physiological salts of hyaluronate, the conjugate base of hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronan is classified as a glycosaminoglycan (GAG), a long, unbranched polysaccharide made of repeating disaccharides of glucuronic acid and glucosamine (Fraser, 1997).  The polymer chain of hyaluronan ranges in molecular weight from hundreds of units (or Daltons) up to several million.


Hyaluronan is found ubiquitously throughout the mammalian body.  It is either directly or indirectly involved in every physiological function of the body.  It is found in dense concentrations in cartilage, synovial fluid, skin, vertebral discs, bones, urinary tract, cardiac valves, eyes, and various other soft tissue.  Hyaluronan is most abundant during embryogenesis and declines in overall quantity and quality throughout life (McDonald, 2002).


One of the primary functions of hyaluronan is maintaining tissue hydration.  Interestingly, hyaluronan is so hydrophilic it can absorb, retain, and deliver over one-thousand times its weight in water (Wand, 2007).  The ubiquitous nature of the molecule ensures that hydrophilic delivery takes place throughout all tissue.


Hyaluronan is found most prevalently in the skin; approximately half of total body hyaluronan is located within the dermal and epidermal layers.  Primary functions of hyaluronan in the skin include moisturization and hydration (Meyer, 1941).  Skin turgor is the result of the ability of hyaluronan to absorb, retain, and deliver water (Wang, 2007).  With age, there is a distinct decrease in the percent composition of hyaluronan in epidermal tissue likely correlating with the increase in wrinkles and aged skin (Juhlin, 1997) Experiments have demonstrated that 77% of naturally occurring hyaluronan in the skin is lost by age 70 in humans (Weist, 2008).


Apply to affected area after thorough cleansing. Repeat daily or as needed for best results.


Ingredients: Glysyn Hyaluronan, Schizophyllan, Purified water, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate.