Hyaluronex delivers daily maintenance doses of hyaluronan (HA) to naturally enhance joint mobility. Our unique formulation is tailored for horses of all activity levels and formulated with our own MHB3® Hyaluronan that now holds four United States patents. Hyaluronex with MHB3 Hyaluronan delivers the most highly researched and proven liquid hyaluronan available, offered at a cost lower than market competitors. The benefit for hyaluronan supplementation is systemic and the scope of value extends beyond the joint. In addition to its role within the joint, the hyaluronan assists in cartilage support, skeletal health, and mane and coat health. Dietary hyaluronan can successfully be incorporated into an equine lifestyle of regular exercise and performance as a means promoting overall health in both young and elder thoroughbreds. Oral administration of Hyaluronex is beneficial in bolstering healthy articulation, management of joint health, alleviating performance-related discomfort, and maximizing performance.

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