Trixsyn delivers daily maintenance doses of hyaluronan (HA) to naturally enhance joint mobility in canines. Joint health is an important concern for pet owners and veterinarians alike. To address the concern, we have developed Trixsyn brand Hyaluronan with our own triple-patented MHB3®. Trixsyn provides systemic supplementation that addresses the cause and presentation of joint discomfort. Trixsyn helps condition and maintain joints for daily activities by replenishing critical hyaluronan without contraindications or side effects. Hyaluronan, a natural molecule present in all mammalian tissues, alleviates discomfort, promotes healthy joints, supports mobility, and promotes cartilage function. Trixsyn was developed to replenish natural hyaluronan levels that diminish as your dog gets older. Additionally, Trixsyn with MHB3 Hyaluronan is formulated for optimal absorption and is highly bioavailable. The result is a natural alternative to traditional pharmacotherapies that allows dogs to live healthier, happier, more active lives.

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