Ph?zit is a multipurpose skin serum designed to address occasional skin irritations. Skin irritations occur as a result of both environmental changes and immunogenic opportunism. Once the integrity of the skin?s epidermal layer is compromised, the general health of the individual is adversely affected since the body?s primary immune barrier has been breached. Ph?zit contains the mushroom-derived beta-glucan schizophyllan and topical hyaluronan formulated specifically for topical administration ? Epimune® Schizophyllan and Glysyn® Hyaluronan. Administration of schizophyllan has established soothing, beneficial effects to alleviate occasional skin irritation. In addition, hyaluronan has proven restorative effects for the skin. By coupling the action of Epimune Schizophyllan with the absorptive hydrating effects of Glysyn Hyaluronan, Ph?zit is a unique natural option for common skin irritations.

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