Phāzit is a multipurpose hyaluronic acid serum designed to address occasional skin irritations. Phāzit contains the mushroom-derived beta-glucan schizophyllan and hyaluronan (HA) formulated specifically for topical administrations. (Epimune Schizophyllan, Glysyn Hyaluronan). Administration of schizophyllan has demonstrated soothing, beneficial effects to alleviate occasional skin irritation. Hyaluronan also has proven restorative effects for the skin.


The high-quality of the active ingredient, topical Epimune Schizophyllan, is a scientifically validated, mushroom-derived beta-glucan. It works to enhance topical immune activation, and when combined with hyaluronan (HA), it promotes soothing, absorption, and hydration. It is derived from water-soluble mushroom for superior immune activation capabilities, whereas other beta-glucans are derived from bakers yeast that lack full immune-activating capabilities.


Originally, Phāzit was made for adult skin blemishes, but customers have used it as a topical solution to relieve other occasional skin irritations such as bug bites, stings, plant rashes, sunburns, minor cuts and abrasions, as well as other types of common skin concerns. Phāzit can be used as part of your skincare routine, or it can be used more sporadically as a spot treatment.


Phāzit is a paraben-free serum and has no artificial or natural colors or flavors. Phāzit uses only the finest ingredients from the USA and Europe and offers full traceability on all ingredients.  Phāzit has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


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