Vitalize® Alimend®


Vitalize® Alimend® combines the scientifically-proven power of MHB3® Hyaluronan (HA), H. erinaceus (Lion’s Mane) extract and A-O Biotics® to relieve discomfort associated with gastric issues, travel, and performance-related stressors. Equine gastric discomfort can negatively affect your horse’s performance. Hyaluronan has established its support in its ability to confer defense to gut mucosal tissues. A recent study revealed that a high-molecular-weight hyaluronan-containing gel significantly protected the gastric mucosa against injury in the form of reduction of ulcerative areas in the gastric wall. Gastric complications can often lead to decreased food intake, lethargy, wasting, and failure to thrive. Vitalize Alimend is positioned to improve the quality of life of horses suffering from gastric ulceration and promote health and overall well-being.


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