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Vitalize Alimend eases equine gastric discomfort while promoting healthy stomach pH and digestion. It is safe for continuous daily use and complies with equine anti-doping regulations. Its patent-pending formulation is recommended by leading veterinarians. Vitalize Alimend is made in Lexington, Kentucky, and contains fully traceable, human-grade ingredients.


The prevalence of digestive complications is high among confined horses and can reach 90%. Often, this is directly related to many common animal husbandry practices: confinement, feed, feeding, pre-performance fasting, continuous daily exercise, periods of maximum exertion, NSAID use, and repeated electrolyte use.

Current options for GI complications in horses affect stomach pH, are not indicated for long-term use, and alter and/or halt digestive acid secretion to passively address the problem.


Vitalize Alimend is a natural product that provides 24/7 stomach comfort and relieves equine gastric issues commonly associated with training, traveling, and performance without altering stomach pH. It works with the horse’s biology, not against it, and does not alter stomach pH. Instead, it naturally utilizes the mucoadhesive properties of our new, proprietary formula which includes:

• MHB3® Hyaluronan: patented and proven through pre-clinical and clinical research to support gastric health & GI tissue in horses.

• H. erinaceus (Lion’s Mane) extract: an extract rich in beta glucan content that supports enhanced gastroprotection.

• AO-Biotics®: BioZyme®’s research-proven, natural prebiotic designed to boost animal resilience to challenges.

Vitalize Alimend is safe for continuous daily use to support stomach health in horses. Vitalize Alimend is specifically formulated to address stomach discomfort associated with training, travel, and performance related stress.

Routine use of Vitalize Alimend results in 24/7 stomach comfort.


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Vitalize Alimend Gallon Label
Vitalize Alimend Gallon Label
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